Best cake for table tennis players

After a win in a challenging table tennis a competition, tournament or championships; it is prudent to celebrate and party to commemorate the day. A climax of celebration is cutting of a cake like in weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. The choice of a cake matters a lot for a table tennis player. A cake with a table tennis theme is the best choice. Bakers understand the value and importance of a theme in the cake. The industry and color is a good guide for the best theme for the cake or check the great finds here for the exact looks of the tables.. The best cake for table tennis players should have a sporting item in the theme. Here are some ideas for the best cake for the occasion

Tennis ball and a butt theme

A baker can bake the cake taking the shape of a tennis ball with all the universal colors associated with tennis balls and a butt next to the ball. This theme illustrates the victory in Table Tennis and the value of the butt and the ball in the win. In addition, it customizes the event since the main reason for the celebration is the tennis game. Color choice matters a lot; let the baker vary colors depending on taste and maybe the color of the uniform the winners wore during the match.

The tennis tablet theme

Let a baker profile the cake in a rectangular form to depict the table tennis. Let it resemble a real tennis table with the right colors. One can add the tennis equipment besides it to complete the outlook. After all, we are celebrating table tennis; why not incorporate everything in the tennis game in the cake?

A player in action

The event organizer can use his baking skills to sculptor a player holding the butt and hitting the ball. To add glamor to the cake, the player can be in the color of the uniform of the players. This theme requires creativity and professional baking skills to ensure it comes out with aesthetic value.

Whatever the theme of the cake, the tastiness and flavor matter a lot to ensure the players enjoy themselves and get the feeling of scoring on a ping pong or even air-hockey match. Naturally, cakes are not healthy because of the high-calorie content, which is responsible for the accumulation of fats, which further leads to weight gain. When the players gain weight there flexibility and agility are also affected leading to decreased performance. Let the players eat cake sparingly and if possible engage in healthy workouts to maintain their muscular strength and endurance that led to the win.

When you cannot manage to reach out to a baker, there are many applications and websites online for the business. You could order the cake stating the weight and the theme of the cake for faster delivery.

When players share a cake in commemoration of the event, it portrays a team spirit among the players and a sense of appreciation for their effort. It is even better when the cake comes from their managers and coaches as a surprise. It makes the celebration memorable and a motivating factor for them to succeed for other cake-eating celebrations.

Table Saw in a Bakeshop

A table saw is a mounted woodworking tool that is usually used to cut wood and boards. A bakeshop otherwise known as a bakery is an establishment that produces flour baked food such as bread for sale. There is a unique relationship between a table saw and a bakeshop. One of them is that a table saw can be used to cut pieces of wood that would be used in a bakeshop and it also have floor press for metalworking.


There are several types of table saws that can be used in a bakeshop. One of them is the Benchtop table saw. This is a lightweight table saw that is meant for lightweight operations and typically jigsaws are used. Another type of table saw that can be used in a bakeshop is the contractor table saw. Others are hybrid table saws and cabinet table saws. When using a table saw in a bakeshop, there are several procedures and guidelines that should be followed in order to ensure a safe and efficient operation of the table saw. They are as follows:


  1. Read the instruction manual:

The first step to being taken before using a Table Saw in a Bakeshop is to read the instruction manual. There is a dire need to completely and thoroughly read all the instructions in order to ensure a safe and efficient use. Although table saws may be similar, there are various differences between brands, reading the manual will enable you to understand how to handle individual brands.


  1. Put on the eye and ear protection:

Another important guideline for the use of a table saw in a bakeshop is to put on eye and ear protection. The aim of this is to prevent wood debris from getting into the eyes or ears of the operator. Moreover, proper ear protection would insulate a person from the loud noises of the table saw.


  1. Use Clearance Inserts:

It is essential to use clearance inserts when using a table saw in a bakeshop. A clearance insert is a piece of wood that creates a buffer zone between the wood you are cutting and the blade of a table saw. The importance of using clearance inserts when using a table saw in a bakeshop is to protect the fingers from being cut by the blades of the table saw.


  1. Install the blade guard properly:

One of the safety precautions that should be taken when using a table saw in a bakeshop is to install the blade guard properly. There are two functions that a blade guard performs on a table saw. The first is that it keeps your fingers away from the blade. The second is that it prevents wood debris from kicking back and entering into your eyes or ears. Installing a table saw’s guard blade properly is an essential precaution to take when using a table saw in a bakeshop.


  1. Avoid loose clothing or jewelry:

Another essential precaution to be taken when using a table saw in a bakeshop is to avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry that could be caught by the saw blades thereby causing accidents.

GPS Inspired Cake Design

Cakes are the perfect food to celebrate any occasion. Celebrations usually follow after a great change. Cutting a cake is metaphorically symbolic of change. Over the years, the association between cake and the festivity of celebrating individual milestones has only grown. Cake cutting has always been mandatory at birthday parties. Now it’s also found its way into the office with employees celebrating their promotions by treating their colleagues to cake.

The GPS, as many of us know and use, is a device which helps with navigating unfamiliar places. It’s a device that’s found wide adoption all over the world. It makes the world a smaller place by making it easier to navigate and travel through effortlessly.

The GPS is a symbol of finding one’s way regardless of the circumstances. It stands for the hardship and pain which must be endured to get from one place to another, higher place, metaphorically speaking. The GPS is associated with the exploits of automobiles.

As such, a cake with a GPS inspired cake design is the perfect way to pay homage to the efforts and sacrifices that one has gone through. Giving a GPS shaped cake shows that you understand the difficulty of the circumstances under which the person worked and struggled. It betrays that you feel an empathetic connection with their suffering.

A GPS cake is also the perfect way to celebrate victories related to the automobile industry. This is because the GPS is synonymous with cars and navigation. The cake would perfect to celebrate a win in a go-kart race, a rally or even a Formula 1 race. It would be especially well-received at such an occasion and thought of as relevant.

GPS units have a universal appeal. People use them every day and are used to them. Hence, they tend to like them more. That means that Other than these use cases, GPS cases will actually fit in just about anywhere. It’ll look great at a young boy’s birthday party or a party to celebrate a marriage anniversary. It would also be great to keep on the menu for tech launches as GPS is essentially a tech product.

Just like normal cakes, there’s a lot of choice and variety when it comes to selecting a cake with a GPS inspired designed. There are options when it comes to the flavor, the size, the shape and the level of detail in the cake’s design. Let’s not forget that the importance of taste either.

When it comes to flavor, you have the typical choices of vanilla or chocolate. Some special varieties also exist such as natural flavored ones which are cakes without chocolate or vanilla.

Then there’s the choice of density. You can choose to have your cake be more light and fluffy or be more heavy and filling. The choice you make regarding the density will also affect the texture of the cake.

With size, you’ll get to select how big or small of a cake you want. Needless to say, a bigger cake feeds more people. Cake makers let you choose the size you want by weight. Alternatively, you can tell them the number of people who are expected to consume it and they’ll make the cake according to the ideal size.

Most important, though, is the choice in design. More expensive cakes will have more elegant and stylish designs. Some examples of designs are GPS with map or a guy wearing boots with ankle protector and a helmet on his head (like ones in this site: in a motorcycle on the top of the cake. The most expensive cakes are sure to leave the people seeing it in awe. Expensive cakes, in addition to looking better, also taste better.

Toilet Shaped Cakes

In many societies and cultures, talking about toilets is considered taboo. Publicly talking about what you did in a washroom is generally looked down upon. Having one of these Bathroom equipment on your cake considered rude and uncultured. As such, discussion about toilets isn’t mainstream.

Like many objects and activities of this nature, this fact boosts toilet’s comedic value. Comedians often talk about subjects that are relevant but not widely talked about or represented in the mainstream media. Toilets, as is evident, is one such subject. It’s something that we all know about but don’t share our feelings or thoughts about. When comedians talk about it and mention it, we feel that their ranting is relatable and this makes them funnier.

This relatability of toilets and their under-representation in civilian discourse is what makes them a topic ripe for jokes. Toilets have long been used in entertainment media in the form of slapstick comedy. Toilets are always funny. Some of the most iconic scenes if comedy films make use of toilet-based jokes and situations. From rudimentary cartoons like kid’s shows to comedy shorts for adults, toilet humor is always relevant. Jokes about bathroom business fit in just about anywhere. In many ways, we’ve come to associate the image or caricature of a toilet as something funny. The mere appearance of the appearance of a toilet is indicative of a punchline. The toilet has become an inside joke in American culture.

A friend’s birthday is the perfect occasion to pull off a prank. Pranks boost camaraderie and create a sense of deep bonding. This means performing a well-natured prank on someone on their birthday is a great way to become closer to them.

The funny nature of toilets makes anything related to them great for pranks. You may already be aware of the classic prank of covering someone’s house with toilet paper. While this prank is fun in its own right, there are others that are even funnier and actually easier to pull off.

One of the best pranks you could pull off is to get your friend a cake that looks like a toilet or put a picture of him on top relaxing in the bathtub. In many ways, this is the best prank that you could do. It’s easy to prepare and set-up but insanely funny once pulled off. The cake is something that’s often associated with birthdays. Birthday celebrations are incomplete without blowing out the candles on a cake and then cutting the cake. Usually, people get something standard like a plain chocolate or vanilla cake to celebrate their friend’s birthday. What makes this prank so special is that it brings a special twist to this ritual. It’ll be completely unexpected and leave every person at the party in splits. If your friend is too sensitive and doesn’t want to get one of these toilet cakes, try to give him another bathroom equipment ideas(

There are many varieties of toilet shape cake that you can specially order for the occasion. Just like normal cakes, toilet shape cakes come in many different sizes and flavors. An emphasis is usually made on how they look, over how they taste. Still, a well-made cake from a good brand is bound to taste as good as it looks.

While you could get one from a standard store, buying a cake from a renowned store is almost always worth the price. As mentioned before, it will taste better. In addition to that, there are a few other benefits. The cake will use better quality ingredients. As such it’ll be healthier and not as fattening as a cheaper cake. Cheap cakes often have trans-fats which are terrible from a health perspective and should be avoided when possible. On a more visual note, pricier cakes look better because of the better quality of manufacturing. In contrast, towards the cheap end of the spectrum, cakes only have edible designs printed on them.

All in all, feeding your friend a cake which looks like a toilet is one of the best pranks you could do to surprise him on his birthday.