GPS Inspired Cake Design

Cakes are the perfect food to celebrate any occasion. Celebrations usually follow after a great change. Cutting a cake is metaphorically symbolic of change. Over the years, the association between cake and the festivity of celebrating individual milestones has only grown. Cake cutting has always been mandatory at birthday parties. Now it’s also found its way into the office with employees celebrating their promotions by treating their colleagues to cake.

The GPS, as many of us know and use, is a device which helps with navigating unfamiliar places. It’s a device that’s found wide adoption all over the world. It makes the world a smaller place by making it easier to navigate and travel through effortlessly.

The GPS is a symbol of finding one’s way regardless of the circumstances. It stands for the hardship and pain which must be endured to get from one place to another, higher place, metaphorically speaking. The GPS is associated with the exploits of automobiles.

As such, a cake with a GPS inspired cake design is the perfect way to pay homage to the efforts and sacrifices that one has gone through. Giving a GPS shaped cake shows that you understand the difficulty of the circumstances under which the person worked and struggled. It betrays that you feel an empathetic connection with their suffering.

A GPS cake is also the perfect way to celebrate victories related to the automobile industry. This is because the GPS is synonymous with cars and navigation. The cake would perfect to celebrate a win in a go-kart race, a rally or even a Formula 1 race. It would be especially well-received at such an occasion and thought of as relevant.

GPS units have a universal appeal. People use them every day and are used to them. Hence, they tend to like them more. That means that Other than these use cases, GPS cases will actually fit in just about anywhere. It’ll look great at a young boy’s birthday party or a party to celebrate a marriage anniversary. It would also be great to keep on the menu for tech launches as GPS is essentially a tech product.

Just like normal cakes, there’s a lot of choice and variety when it comes to selecting a cake with a GPS inspired designed. There are options when it comes to the flavor, the size, the shape and the level of detail in the cake’s design. Let’s not forget that the importance of taste either.

When it comes to flavor, you have the typical choices of vanilla or chocolate. Some special varieties also exist such as natural flavored ones which are cakes without chocolate or vanilla.

Then there’s the choice of density. You can choose to have your cake be more light and fluffy or be more heavy and filling. The choice you make regarding the density will also affect the texture of the cake.

With size, you’ll get to select how big or small of a cake you want. Needless to say, a bigger cake feeds more people. Cake makers let you choose the size you want by weight. Alternatively, you can tell them the number of people who are expected to consume it and they’ll make the cake according to the ideal size.

Most important, though, is the choice in design. More expensive cakes will have more elegant and stylish designs. Some examples of designs are GPS with map or a guy wearing boots with ankle protector and a helmet on his head (like ones in this site: in a motorcycle on the top of the cake. The most expensive cakes are sure to leave the people seeing it in awe. Expensive cakes, in addition to looking better, also taste better.