Toilet Shaped Cakes

In many societies and cultures, talking about toilets is considered taboo. Publicly talking about what you did in a washroom is generally looked down upon. Having one of these Bathroom equipment on your cake considered rude and uncultured. As such, discussion about toilets isn’t mainstream.

Like many objects and activities of this nature, this fact boosts toilet’s comedic value. Comedians often talk about subjects that are relevant but not widely talked about or represented in the mainstream media. Toilets, as is evident, is one such subject. It’s something that we all know about but don’t share our feelings or thoughts about. When comedians talk about it and mention it, we feel that their ranting is relatable and this makes them funnier.

This relatability of toilets and their under-representation in civilian discourse is what makes them a topic ripe for jokes. Toilets have long been used in entertainment media in the form of slapstick comedy. Toilets are always funny. Some of the most iconic scenes if comedy films make use of toilet-based jokes and situations. From rudimentary cartoons like kid’s shows to comedy shorts for adults, toilet humor is always relevant. Jokes about bathroom business fit in just about anywhere. In many ways, we’ve come to associate the image or caricature of a toilet as something funny. The mere appearance of the appearance of a toilet is indicative of a punchline. The toilet has become an inside joke in American culture.

A friend’s birthday is the perfect occasion to pull off a prank. Pranks boost camaraderie and create a sense of deep bonding. This means performing a well-natured prank on someone on their birthday is a great way to become closer to them.

The funny nature of toilets makes anything related to them great for pranks. You may already be aware of the classic prank of covering someone’s house with toilet paper. While this prank is fun in its own right, there are others that are even funnier and actually easier to pull off.

One of the best pranks you could pull off is to get your friend a cake that looks like a toilet or put a picture of him on top relaxing in the bathtub. In many ways, this is the best prank that you could do. It’s easy to prepare and set-up but insanely funny once pulled off. The cake is something that’s often associated with birthdays. Birthday celebrations are incomplete without blowing out the candles on a cake and then cutting the cake. Usually, people get something standard like a plain chocolate or vanilla cake to celebrate their friend’s birthday. What makes this prank so special is that it brings a special twist to this ritual. It’ll be completely unexpected and leave every person at the party in splits. If your friend is too sensitive and doesn’t want to get one of these toilet cakes, try to give him another bathroom equipment ideas(

There are many varieties of toilet shape cake that you can specially order for the occasion. Just like normal cakes, toilet shape cakes come in many different sizes and flavors. An emphasis is usually made on how they look, over how they taste. Still, a well-made cake from a good brand is bound to taste as good as it looks.

While you could get one from a standard store, buying a cake from a renowned store is almost always worth the price. As mentioned before, it will taste better. In addition to that, there are a few other benefits. The cake will use better quality ingredients. As such it’ll be healthier and not as fattening as a cheaper cake. Cheap cakes often have trans-fats which are terrible from a health perspective and should be avoided when possible. On a more visual note, pricier cakes look better because of the better quality of manufacturing. In contrast, towards the cheap end of the spectrum, cakes only have edible designs printed on them.

All in all, feeding your friend a cake which looks like a toilet is one of the best pranks you could do to surprise him on his birthday.